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Boats in the IRSA Ten Rater (10R) class are not limited in length by the class rules and usually have overhangs extending beyond their waterline endings. They are generally light, narrow, stable, seaworthy and fast. This IRSA international rule is based on the 1887 "length and sail area rating rule" which allows shorter waterline length boats to have higher sail areas, while longer LWL boats have smaller sails. It is an ‘open’ rule with great freedom to develop design and construction, particularly in rigs and sail plans. Many different hull forms can be found in the 10R class. A modern 10R will usually be made almost entirely of carbon fibre - hull, foils, spars and fittings.

BOATSetc is your source for high performance pre-preg carbon RC sail boats. We can provide hulls, kits through to ready to sail boats.


The current SAILSetc 10R design is DIAMOND. Characteristic of SAILSetc designed boats is their ability to perform for sailors of all skill ranges and in a wide range of conditions. Not only can they give excellent results for some of the best sailors but they can also give better results for sailors lower down the finishing results. This is partly due to their reliability imparted by the build quality and partly due to the handling qualities imparted by their fundamental and detail design. DIAMOND demonstrated its longevity as a competitive design by placing 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 8th and 10th at the 2016 world championship.

  • moulded in pre-preg carbon
  • weight of about 420 grams with openings trimmed
  • natural black carbon finish
  • centre deck with deck level pot recess & foredeck built in
  • fin box and mast tube moulding built in
  • foredeck cut outs and hatch opening for access to rc are formed
  • witness marks for setting out positions of fittings
  • hulls are left with the surface as moulded
  • bow and stern bulkhead is low density epoxy filler

The Diamond is available as a kit from about 2.100€  (incl Tax plus shipping)

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